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Céad Míle Fáilte! A Thousand Welcomes to the Sister Fidelma Mysteries website. This site is provided for everyone interested in Peter Tremayne's international bestselling mystery series and, indeed, to those interested in all his work both as Peter Tremayne and his non-fiction work as the Celtic Scholar Peter Berresford Ellis. It is provided free of charge through the courtesy of The International Sister Fidelma Society. 

We would like to point out that this is a Society of volunteer workers, entirely funded by membership subscription. We provide not only this website, but all subscribing members to the Society get our print magazine, The Brehon, sent to them three times a year, and are updated on all activities. 

Why not join us? Click on THE SOCIETY link above and find out what we have to offer, and to join our ever-growing organization.



"When is the next Sister Fidelma book coming out?"

MOST FREQUENTLY GIVEN ANSWER... Depends if you are following the UK publications or the US publications:

  • Newest title - THE HOUSE OF DEATH - was published by Headline in the UK July 2021 (US TBA) in hardback and Kindle
  • Next title - DEATH OF A HERETIC - to be published by Headline in the UK July 2022 (US - Severn House August 2022) in hardback and Kindle
  • For eBooks check publishers' websites, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, etc.
  • If you're interested in foreign language titles, or other formats of the books, click HERE

To recap the titles IN READING ORDER (another common question):

  • Absolution By Murder (1994)
  • Shroud for the Archbishop (1995)
  • Suffer Little Children (1995)
  • The Subtle Serpent (1996)
  • The Spider's Web (1997)
  • Valley of the Shadow (1998)
  • The Monk Who Vanished (1999)
  • Act of Mercy (1999)
  • Our Lady of Darkness (2000)
  • Hemlock At Vespers (2000)
  • Smoke in the Wind (2001)
  • The Haunted Abbot (2002)
  • Badger’s Moon (2003)
  • Whispers of the Dead (2004)
  • The Leper's Bell (2004)
  • Master of Souls (2005)
  • A Prayer for the Damned (2006)
  • Dancing with Demons (2007)
  • The Council of the Cursed (2008)
  • The Dove of Death (July 2009)
  • The Chalice of Blood (July 2010)
  • Behold A Pale Horse (July 2011)
  • The Seventh Trumpet (July 2012)
  • Atonement of Blood (July 2013)
  • The Devil's Seal (July 2014)
  • The Second Death (July 2015)
  • Penance of the Damned (July 2016)
  • Night of the Lightbringer (July 2017)
  • Bloodmoon (July 2018)
  • Blood in Eden (July 2019)
  • The Shapeshifter's Lair (September 2020)
  • The House of Death (July 2021)
  • Death of a Heretic (July 2022)

Für deutsche Fans - Wenn Sie eine Frage auf deutsch stellen mächten, klicken Sie bitte hier.

Voor Nederlandstalige fans - Als u in het Nederlands een vraag wilt stellen, klik dan hier.



outdoor Boru Crowd 31.jpg


It was wonderful to rekindle old acquaintances, make MANY new ones (wow, did we have a lot of new attendees!), and enjoy what we said all along would be a GREAT Féile.

The above photo, by Sean Laffey of the Sister Fidelma Committee of the Cashel Arts Fest, shows our largest group yet, which thrills me no end. Those with sharp eyes will see our newest Fidelmaniac – Maggie Tolderlund and her husband Danny’s wee child (Emily Kenneally also brought along Cormac, her 18-month-old baby just so everyone had an opportunity to coo and make strange faces at small people).

Be sure to keep checking the FÉILE portion of our website for photos from the various lectures and excursions, as soon as attendees get back home from over a dozen far-flung countries worldwide.

Here’s hoping best of health and recovery to all of those who were ill during this past weekend, and a HUGE round of thanks to the much-abbreviated Fidelma Committee of the Cashel Arts Fest for pulling off another exciting event for all.

Remember, you can still purchase copies of the weekend’s programme booklet here on the Society website in the ONLINE STORE. And we will be updating the CafePress Fidelma collection with the new Fidelma image shortly.

We HOPE (no promises) to see all (and even more) at another future gathering!!


A "NEW" FIDELMA FOR 2018! - by David Robert Wooten, Director

Sister Fidelma by Eric MüllerFidelmaniacs around the world will be eminently familiar with the iconic image of Sister Fidelma used on virtually all of the Society's website pages, program booklets, flyers, etc. This beautiful painting, with which I fell in love many years ago, was graciously provided to the Society by Hans van den Boom of Peter's Dutch Publisher (and the publisher of the brilliant new graphic novels) De Leeskamer. I think all will agree on this image has been a wonderful depiction of the good Sister. However, as one who has to work with the image from a graphic/creative standpoint, I have always had to accommodate for the original image's layout within a Celtic knot framework, which essentially "lopped off" the back 1/3 of her head. I have usually made some sort of modification in my own projects to take this into account, but I have felt, for years, that we needed an "updated" - and "freestanding" - image of the good Sister for use as we enter the 18th year of our existence.

With that in mind, I contacted a brilliant artist, and good friend, Eric Müller, who has rendered a wide variety of illustrations through the years of the famous, infamous, celebrity, or common man (he even rendered both my daughter and me in amazingly accurate portrait style). In fact, his amazing portrait of Fidelma's creator is now forever part of a large tribute piece presented to the author during the anniversary months of his 50th year of publishing, his 100th title actually published, and even his 75th birthday. Each of these individual events is a milestone in itself, but combined I think you will agree that something special had to be done.

As noted, I took it upon myself to have rendered not only the creator of the titular character of the Fidelma series but the good Sister herself. Unaccustomed as Eric was to rendering a character completely out of "thin air" as one might say, I gave him both Peter's own descriptions of the character from the novels, as well as an actual living, breathing actress, I felt embodied the look and character of Fidelma. After a few back-and-forths, Eric came up with the beautiful image you see here (and, once again, I am in love with this woman). Peter agrees with me that this rendition of his creation is both lovely and true to form (which was my ultimate hope).

Peter then immediately chimed in with "Naturally you are going to have her rendered in color," a process which I had already undertaken when he commanded such a task. I had turned to longtime friend and equally brilliant artist Franchesco! for suggestions as to qualified artist who could color the good Sister to my standards. He noted that he, himself, was not accustomed to coloring other artists' works, as he did not want to enforce his style onto their artwork. While Eric is a brilliant penciller and inker, his coloring work is primarily confined to using colored pencils to render original artwork (with wonderful results).

So, as I patiently waited for Franchesco! to provide contact information and samples of qualified colorists, imagine my surprise, delight, and amazement when Franchesco! emailed me back - not with the names of other artists, but with his own digital coloring of the good Sister, now seen at upper right on this page and front-and-center of our lead page. With only a few minor tweaks requested by me, we ended up with what I consider to be a true image of Fidelma, and someone to whom I would gladly play Eadulf against in the novels.

I certainly hope you will all agree with the ultimate depiction of “David’s Fidelma,” and welcome your comments via email to david@sisterfidelma.com.



46249753681.jpgJust as we updated the look of Sister Fidelma on our website and elsewhere, we felt we were long overdue for a bit of added "character" to the main page of the website. After all, this is the page that's meant to lure in the Fidelma fan, fellow Fidelmaniac, and hopefully, potential International Sister Fidelma Society member. Yes, we all love the good Sister, but the "bottom line," as it were, is that we are always recruiting to bring more fellow Fidelma fans into the fold (and your help is ALWAYS needed!!).

So, to spruce up our intro page, we scoured the web for some appropriate Celtic music. We wanted something that was well short of Dropkick Murphy (whose music we certainly appreciate) and more like Enya (but a bit more Irish, sans vocals, and without the potential to quickly lull the listener to sleep). If you take a listen to the tune, we believe we have succeeded in this task - at least in our ever-humble opinion.

But all that simply wasn't enough. What if someone is coming to our page had no idea who Sister Fidelma was (heaven forefend!)? They would need someone to quickly and succinctly explain who, what, where, and why, in hopes that the visitor will want to delve further into Fidelma's World. And it took no thought at all on our part to decide upon the narrator of this brief but important voiceover - "The Voice of Fidelma" herself.

Our dear friend Caroline Lennon has narrated every Audible Sister Fidelma title, plus more, on cassette tape and now CDs. You listen to her narration and are easily taken back to 7th century Ireland. You hear her speaking Irish words you had no hope of pronouncing correctly (though Peter notes this really isn’t that important when reading the books – see our FAQs page) and think “Oh, THAT’S how you say that word or phrase!”

So, we sent Caroline an initial script which she tweaked ever-so-slightly, putting her own feeling and emphasis to the sentences, teasing the listener just enough to invite them into Fidelma’s World, as if they would truly be missing out if they did not follow her lead.

We cannot thank Caroline enough for her participation in this overall team effort, updating and enhancing the website to hopefully bring in a fresh batch of Fidelmaniacs who have been quietly lurking in the shadows, waiting for someone to ask them to come in. As ever, our heartfelt thanks go out to Caroline, as they should from all members of the Society.





The Sister Fidelma Mysteries - Essays on the Historical Novels of Peter Tremayne

Edited by Edward J. Rielly and David Robert Wooten


Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6667-2; Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4766-0034-5; notes, bibliographies, index; 239pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2012

Price: $29.95

Order directly from the publisher


About the Book

This is a collection of new essays on Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma novels, which feature Sister Fidelma’s attempts to solve a wide range of crimes, often murders that occur under especially mysterious conditions. The novels, set mainly in 7th century Ireland, also include a great deal of history, which is not surprising given that the author is actually Peter Berresford Ellis, a noted Celtic historian. Some of the essays analyze aspects of the novels, focusing especially on the protagonist and her partner in detection and, ultimately, husband, Brother Eadulf. Other essays place Fidelma and the novels within the tradition of detective fiction. Still others explore the historical, intellectual, spiritual and geographical contexts for her labors. Also included are accounts of the author’s career, the International Sister Fidelma Society, and the biennial Sister Fidelma conferences held in Cashel, Ireland.


About the Authors

Edward J. Rielly is a professor of English at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. He has presented papers at the annual Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture as well as other conferences. He is the author of about two dozen books and lives in Westbrook, Maine. David Robert Wooten is director of The International Sister Fidelma Society and editor of its magazine, The Brehon. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.



As most of you know, for some time there has been a map of Fidelma’s travels available for sale in support of the Society. Most of the books come with a simple lineart map, showing details of that particular novel, but nowhere else will you find a chart noting all of the good Sister’s travels (granted, some are still in far-off lands, remote from Éire, but are so noted on the map).

While the map has always been reasonably well received, we have never been thoroughly satisfied with it. Thus, when it came time to update the map to Peter’s latest title (The Chalice of Blood)*, we felt a major overhaul was in order.

The new map features all of the same locations, updated with the latest titles, but the map itself is much more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it is now available in a larger, and easier to read, 23” x 35” size, as well as a smaller 11” x 17” mini poster print.

So, if you’ve been holding out on this map, now is the time to buy one. Or, if you bought one of the original/earlier versions, now’s the time to update! The prints, from CafePress, are extremely well done, and are available unframed, as well as framed in smaller sizes.

You can see these new items – as well as all other Sister Fidelma merchandise, including Féile Fidelma 2010! Items (and 2008!, and 2006!) – via our CafePress shop at http://www.cafepress.com/eclecticon. Just look for the INTERNATIONAL SISTER FIDELMA SOCIETY shop amidst all the others.



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